'Winter Love Song' finally beats 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha'

조회 수 16915 2002.02.07 01:04:44

Finally, 'Winter Love Song' is ahead of 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha'(Woman's Realm)....

K2TV Mon/Tues Drama 'Winter Love Song' recorded 27.2%(AC Nilsen Standard) rating on the 4th, beating 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha' by pushing it down to 24.3%.

Last month on 14th, first broacast of the drama-series recorded 16.3%.  Since then, it's rating has risen steadily with ratings over 30% close at hand.  Held back by the popularity of 'Winter Love Song' most popular among female viewers, 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha' has fallen below mid-20%, a great fall for a drama that used to go over 40% at its peak.
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