100,000 OST album sold in just 10 days / due to rising ratings, 4~10 week of extended broadcast may be considered

Demand for ‘Winter Love Song’ OST is explosive.
Mirroring the high popularity of KBS 2TV ‘Winter Love Song’, which aired episode 10 on February 12 this month, the OST album was reported as having sold over 100,000 in 10 days.  Analysts predict that if this rate of sales keeps up, exceeding 1 million would be easily feasible.  Last year, ‘Ga_Ul_Dong_Hwa’ (Fall Fairy Tale) OST sold total of about 500,000.

The popularity of ‘Winter Love Song’ music is proven by the many popularity charts.  Among the songs in ‘Winter Love Song’, songs like ‘White Lover’ and singer Ryu’s ‘From the Beginning Until Now’ were ranked as, respectively, number 1 and 2 most downloaded mobile phone ringer sounds.  Over 10 million hits are made each day in ‘Winter Love Song’ homepage (drama.kbs.co.kr/winter), and it is one of the most searched topics in Korean search engines.  Production Company Pan Entertainment explains that there has never been a drama that ranked as being the most searched keyword.

Following the popularity of the drama and its OST album, Pan Entertainment plans to extend its previously set 20 episodes by adding 4~10 more episodes.  However, director Yun SukHo despises this idea, so the extension of the drama-series is still unclear.

Earlier this month, ‘Winter Love Song’ has beaten the ratings of MBC TV drama ‘Sang_Do’ (Business Ethics), and proved to be as popular as the mighty ‘Yuh_In_Chun_Ha’ (Women’s Realm).

[translator’s note: below is a spoiler]
As Bae YongJun’s character reveals that he is indeed the same person, popularity of the drama is likely to grow at a even higher rate.
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