Choi JiWoo ‘indeed an insurance ticket’

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While KBS 2TV Mini-Series <Winter Love Song>’s popularity is great enough to create a syndrome effect, Choi JiWoo(27) is doing what she does best as the ‘ratings insurance ticket’

In her ’95 debut drama <First Love>, she starred with <Winter Love Song>’s Bae YongJun, creating the highest rated TV drama ever, its record still unbroken.  Even in her recent years, all dramas which Choi JiWoo starred were rated highly.  Broadcast people consider her a phenomenon, and call her the ‘Unbeatable Living Legend Choi JiWoo’.

99 MBC TV Mini-Series <Truth> received negative remarks for its ‘Kong_Ji Paht_Ji’ (Cinderalla like) theme, but exceeded ratings of 50%.  <Mr. Duke> also recorded a high, near 30% ratings, despite the fact that it was competing against an expensive SBS TV drama <S.W.A.T>.  And last year in <Beautiful Days>, she received serious attention from the viewers with Lee ByungHun as her best partner.  Continuing this trend, <Winter Love Song> shoved <Women’s Realm> away from its number one rank.

How is it that Choi JiWoo, who has weak dialogue pronunciation and mediocre acting ability, make such successful hit dramas?  First of all, Choi JiWoo stars in only one drama per year.  The most she does is 3 dramas in 2 years, which shows that she knows how to control and pace her work.  She also puts a lot of care into choosing her work.  She chooses work which she thinks is best suited for her at that time.  [Translator’s note:  Some celebrities try to do too many dramas at once, while they are popular.  This tends to weaken their work or create problems in their schedule.  And it gives them the appearance of being money-hungry.]

Also, although her acting isn’t spectacular, she developed the ability to absorb her characters deeply.  She doesn’t try to take over the scene, but slowly and comfortably allows the viewers to watch her style of acting.

One drama PD(production director) says, “There is no other actress who can even come close to Choi JiWoo’s image of innoncence and purity.  One of the reasons that makes me watch Choi JiWoo as each year passes is her growing talent.”
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