Andre Kim Star Award

조회 수 38936 2003.01.08 02:16:57
TV talent and movie star Choi, JiWoo will receive an award from fashion designer Andre Kim.

6:30 pm 8th, Choi, JiWoo has been honored to receive the first "Andre Kim Best Star Award" at the Grand Ballroom in Seoul Hayatte hotel.  This award ceremony is being held to thank the 18 stars in various fields for helping Andre Kim throughout his 40 years of fashion work.  Among celebrities, along with Choi, JiWoo, Jang, DongGun, WonBin, KangTa, Lee, JungJin, Kim, LaeWon, Lee, MiYun, Jang, SuhHee, Kim, HeeSun, Kim, YuMi, and Lim, EunKyung were selected.

Choi, JiWoo's relationship with Andre Kim grew as she regularly attended his shows as the main model.  On this day, it is expected that she will wear Andre Kim's gorgeous clothes again, showing off the kind of beauty only she can portray.

Meanwhile, Kim, JaeHyung, director Yun, SukHo, soprano Jo, SuMi, Kim, DongHo Pusan International Film Festival Executive Chairman of Committee, soccer player Kim, DoHoon, Lee, OohnJae, and golf player Park, SaeRi will also appear as award recipients.


Freedom Chau

2003.01.08 21:37:13

Jake, what awards has Ji-woo won a the 2002 KBS Drama Award ? And, who else in the "Winter Love Song" also win ?


2003.03.24 12:43:37

hi.jake im a fan of cjw and byj i also want to know about WINTER SONATA are byj and cjw won at the 2002 KBS DRAMA AWARD?


2003.04.01 13:20:21

Hi Jake, thanks for your news. I wonder why did Bae Yongjun not appear in the Andre Kim Star Award party? YJ also is one of Andre Kim's great models and JW & YJ are really good, pure and natural match of couple. Do you think so?


2003.07.01 09:37:46

I agree JW & BYJ do make a lovely couple. However, let's not force it. JW should be allowed to have her own say, right ??


2004.01.26 15:31:25

Thank you Jake.


2004.02.14 16:39:35

thanks for you
I'm a Chinese student.If have not your news,I can't understand so much
But,I bilieve,Choi won't fall in love with BYJ

hi jiwoo

2005.03.04 18:21:01

hi jiwoo i'm a fan cjw i'm in mongolia i'student of 1 my mail


2006.01.29 00:19:51

hi my name's Ganaa.I'm mongolia.I'm a girl. You are very good acterss I hope korean star Choi ji woo arrive to mongolia very much


2006.01.29 00:23:05

Hi my e-mail "" write me Choi ji woo!


2006.02.04 17:30:07

thanks jake


2007.01.23 16:21:33

God blesse you


2007.01.23 16:29:22

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I m Mongolian.I undrastand in chinesse language.
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