JIWOO Heat Wave landed in CHINA !!! (Sports Today)

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One of the top Korean actress JIWOO, Choi now has confirmed that she will appear on the Korea-China-Japan combined producing drama ' the 101th Propose' and this report lead into the major attentions by multiple global companies in the world.

The in-charge production in Korea, the MARU production reports that there have been more than 20 inquiries by these the giant-sized multicountry incorporated companies. According to this report, there should not be any problem to raising more than the producing fee, that is approximately 20 EOK Korean won.

It also reports that the most interested company is the German based automobile company, VOLKSWAGEN and AUDI. Surely, the leading company in Korea also has shown serious attention considering the fact that this drama can cause a major public attention.

It says the main reason for this unusual attention is due to the fact that JIWOO, CHOI is on the casting. She already approved her top actress position in those three big asian countries last winter and summer by the KBS2TV 'Winter Serenade'

The Japanes broadcasting company, FUJI, that actually provided the original script for this drama now changed his status in this play to be a major investor. Originally, the FUJI broadcasting company was to provide the orginal script but after realizing this might attack the asian continental with favorable public attention, they changed the role in this way. Now it is obvious that the FUJI will broadcast this drama in Japan as it releases throughout Japan. All these reflects the strong potential to draw another JIWOO storm in Japan and this is highly likely as it is now JIWOO storm that recently landed in Japan with ' the Winter Serenade'.

The original script consisted of 12 sub-sections and broadcasted in the early 90s in Japan with remarkable success. Also in 1993, the Korea production has revived it and produced film based upon same scenario. This time, it will have 20 sub-sections and will be shot in Shanghai in China.

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2004.10.20 01:18:46

As a chinese fun of JW in TianJin, I do believe she will get enormous success here, in China.


2005.03.04 18:15:41

hi jiwoo


2005.03.30 14:22:25

i like choy ji woo and i like winter love song
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