JIWOO series in Furniture markets in Korea !

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There has been a new concept introduced in the  furniture market in Korea. Some famous actresses now have their own styles and names on various furnitures such as JIWOO-High cabinet, SeungYun-bed and GoEun-drawers and so on. Also some portion of profit of these furnitures will be donated to the Paediatric Leukemic patients.

Now, if you go to furniture shops in Korea then you will get to meet
these famous actresses but in their own concept of furnitures. A leading furniture company in Korea, the Paroma Inc., presented this new concept with Choi JiWoo, Lee SeungYeun, Kim HeaSoo and Han GoEun and call them 'Star Furnitures'. Also this concept has extended further that they will produce the series of furnitures under each star characters.

According to report, these celebrities were selected by the poll of the public including young couples to be married. Specially, JIWOO series was the most popular furnitures that were chosen by young couples to be married as JIWOO reflects a perfect image as a to-be married lady; that is a clear, innocent and very delicate image.

Others include HESOO series that reflects the fall cherry tones for the volume and nicely finished curves in the furniture and SEUNGYEUN series that reflects the mature ladyship with the walnut tones.

Lastly, the president of the PAROMA Inc, hoped that the new concept can help the sick kids with Leukemia by having favorable response from the public and if that is the case he assured he will continue the production.

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2008.02.11 21:57:24

how touching...it's really wonderful to know that there are people who helps the needy especially those who have leukemia..may god bless you...mahal kita galing sa kaibuturan ng aking puso!!!
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