“So what if I loose some for the sake of the drama's popularity.”

Talent(actress) Choi JiWoo is getting praise from the drama crews and members for giving up millions of dollars to assure drama's success.

Playing a lead role in KBS 2TV's 'Winter Love Song', her popularity has sky-rocketed, being requested to do commercials.  However, she is letting them pass by.

According to Choi JiWoo's manager, "Normally, around 10 calls concerning CF were received each day, but after the drama has premiered, over 40 calls pertaining to commercial and catalouge modeling came through."

But the problem is that even if the requests can bring in high profit, it would be difficult to lend time for something else, since 'Winter Love Song' filming demands so much time.  She might have had some time when the first few episodes broadcasted, but now, she has to film all week long to be used for next week's broadcast.  Choi JiWoo seems to understand the situation, "I want to only put my attention to the drama-series", saying no thanks to many commercial requests.

Considered one of the most effective commercial model in the industry, it seems that Choi JiWoo purposely gave up millions of dollars, since her worth has risen so high at this point.
But Choi JiWoo says, "I'm so happy, becasue this drama character has become one of my favorite role to play."  She doesn't seem to show any regret on giving up her other works.

Filming attentively in temperatures going up and down freezing point, she only has one wish to make:  for 'Winter Love Song' to become a drama loved by all, surpassing last year's 'Fall Fairy Tale'(Ga_Ul_Dong_Hwa).


2002.02.07 00:51:38

Hi Jake, Thanks for translating about JW's latest news or else I wouldn't know what's going on about her. How did you manage to get these news, I wonder? Hey, you have not been posting any messages on Freeboard. Kinda of 'miss' you. Luckily, I get on 'Info & News' once in a while. So, you still around, huh. Great work you've done here. See yer again. Cheers! Su PS. To Ji Woo, I hope


2002.02.07 00:55:24

Hey, Suzie~ You miss me? ^^ Don't make me blush... hehe ... Sorry I didn't write much on the Free Board... Then later, I can fully translate the article and post it in Info & News... Most of the news I found were already posted on the Free Board or Info & News section...but they are in Korean... Translating Korean to English takes some time to do it correctly...


2002.02.07 00:56:39

So, I feel bad that I can't translate all of the Korean articles posted in this site... Please understand... ^^ Su, thanks for encouraging me with such praise... It's good to know people actually read the articles... And I feel sorry for delaying some of them knowing people depend on them... I'll try harder, k? ^^ Take care! Chan


2002.02.07 00:58:21

Hey Jake! Thanks for doing this... i normally have to rely on chinese news, because of the current korean craze that is sweeping asia right now.. where stars like Kim Hee Sun , Song Hae Kyo and Won Bin get prominence- every move of theirs is reported like the recent Andre Kim show which has the above gracing the catwalk and loads of news abt them nabbing cfs etc...


2002.02.07 00:59:21

well, i hope jiwoo does take the opportunity to film CFs after winter wraps up. Cfs are usually equated with entertainers sta value and i hope she strikes while the iron is hot! ermm.. here's to the continued success of winter! Muchos Gracias! shane


2002.02.07 01:01:37

Hey, Shane... I'm glad to be of some help... I'm sorry I can't translate more articles...quicker...That is amazing... I remember when Korea was crazy about Hong Kong stars... Chow Yun Phat was huge in Korea, and even did a CF for a Korean soft drink... I think star-power is a wonderful way to understand each other's culture...This is a good thing...for everyone... ^^


2002.02.07 01:02:33

I wonder if you've seen the movie "Musa" (Warrior)... It was filmed 100% in China and was the biggest blockbuster film ever made... Now the biggest blockbuster is "2009: Lost Memories" starring Jhang DongGun...It premiered just a few days ago....I hope you get to see those movies eventually...


2002.02.07 01:03:03

Get ready!! Asian Power is growing~!! ^^


2002.02.07 01:03:42

Hi Jake, thanks and keep up the good work. appreciate the translation very much.
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