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“I won’t over-act”
Choi JiWoo’s acting is always calm.  Although critics don’t consider her acting as being astounding, the reason why she still remains one of the top actresses is because of her “not over-acting” performances.  Even to a first love who came back like a miracle, to SangHyuk who stayed by her side for 10 years, her emotion doesn’t explode on us.  She just repeats “I love you”, “I’m sorry” with quiet reflections in her eyes, talking with care.

“Playing the role of someone who originally has a bright personality, but now in deep sadness, it took a lot of effort to perform.  So I tried to avoid over-acting, even more so than before.  I’m just thankful to Bae YongJun and director Yun SukHo for leading me well by my side.”

Although she passes her acting credit to her fellow actors and staff members, people who know her all agree that “there aren’t that many people who have such great concentration as Choi JiWoo.”  It’s because even right after joking around, when the cue sign is called, she cries big drops of tears within 5 seconds.  As the drama unfolds further, the attention will be put more and more on YuJin and MinHyung’s relationship.  Suffering from ‘cold’, ‘hunger’, and ‘lack of sleep’, her days to come are no exception.  “Having withstood all of the hardship to this day, I want to do my best until the end.  It’s not right to fall here and now.  I will work as hard as I am being loved.  Please watch how I do~.”


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"Please watch how I do"--->i like it,豪氣萬千 智友 加油
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