“Beauty of love, as it is…”

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Jake (찬희)
”I never knew night was such a beautiful time”

KBS executive, Park KawnSang, is in love with <Winter Love Song>.  Mr. Park attended the Jjong party of <Winter Love Song> on the 19th 7pm at Seoul YuhEuDo 63 Building.  He praised makers of the drama for their hard work, saying, “Through this artwork, I felt the beauty of nature, humanity, and love.  For the first time, I found out that night is a really beautiful time.”

Mr. Park especially commented on <Winter Love Song>’s ability to raise over 20% of ratings while competing with <Women’s Realm> and <Business Ethics>, saying, “When a wife is watching <Winter Love Song>, you’re a fearless husband if you ask her to bring a glass of water,” he added, “Even I don’t do that.”  Those words brought a sea of laughter to the party.

Mr. Park even presented a special golden wand to the members of <Winter Love Song>.
Meanwhile, the drama proved its popularity by having major drama directors and other related officials present at the party.
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