Choi JiWoo, Japan star Kimura ‘MV Duet’

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‘Winter Love Song’ star Choi JiWoo(27) will meet with Japan’s idol star Kimura Takuya(木村拓哉•29).

Choi JiWoo has recently been chosen as the female lead in the popular duo Brown Eyes' 2nd album music video.  Presently, they are considering Japan’s Kimura Takuya as their best male lead.

People from Kimura Takuya say that they know Choi JiWoo is a female star representative of Korea, and that Brown Eyes is a very popular group.  So, they are considering to accept the request with much welcome.

Kimura Takuya and Brown Eyes are working on a contract that deals with time and place of filming and other specific aspects of each others’ demands.

Brown Eyes, in their first album hit song ‘Already One Year…’, had Kim HyunJu and Jang Chan in their music video, becoming hugely popular.  Jang Chan starred in the movie ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’.

Kimura Takuya relations say that they saw ‘Already One Year…’ music video, and thought it was very entertaining with a platonic cinematography and a well paced storyline.

When Kimura Takuya’s casting becomes absolute, the music video will start filming in late April.

Kimura Takuya was a member of a huge idol group in ’87, called SMAP.  He has continued his work for 10 years as one of the most handsome stars representative of Japan.

He is famous for doing not only music, but drama, movie, and CF, showing his multiple talents.

He has recently decided to star opposite Korea’s Shim HaeJin in the movie ‘2046’, made by Korea, China, and Japan.  The movie will be directed by Wang JaWai.

Meanwhile, the song ‘Let’s Get Together’ sung by Brown Eyes and Japanese male duo Chemistry, hit number one in Japan’s Orikon singles chart on the 13th.
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