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"I want to be Choi JiWoo's classmate."

Choi JiWoo, star of KBS 2TV miniseries 'Winter Love Song', has been voted the most wanted classmate for men.

Cyber Acting Academy iMTM recently held a poll.  150 male celebrity hopefuls in their late 10's to early 20's voted for the 'most wanted female celebrity classmate in their new semester of school.'

Choi JiWoo received 28%, ranking 1st.  Jang NaRa, a singer who is recently popular with acting, received 26%, ranking 2nd.

3rd was 2000 Miss Korea Jin(Gold), Kim SaRang, who works in movies, CF, dramas and other various entertainment projects, receiving 17%.  So YuJin, who showed an energetic acting style in MBC TV Weekend drama 'A Fox and a Cotton Candy', received 15%, ranking 4th.  Kim HaNul, from SBS TV Drama Special 'Piano', got 14%, taking 5th place.
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