Heart aching ‘first love’, memory drawing masterpiece

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Jake (찬희)
“From now on, I won’t watch director Yun SukHo’s works.  I don’t want to cry over a beautiful thing and think that I am dumb.”<kse2000) “When I see Winter Love Song, I think that winter and spring can be this beautiful.”(hwang151) “It felt real.  Last night I cried out loud, and my husband scorned me for that.”(lodem727)

Director Yun said during the Jjong Party on the 19th, “It was because everything came together in harmony,” and explained the reason for its success.

“Isn’t the heart aching feeling really alive in the memory of the first love?  Although it’s a overused theme, it’s also a special theme to want to keep forever.  Also, the great actors’ performances and the cinematography of the season, and staff member’s selfless efforts made it possible to create a well made drama.”

That day, the filming ended at 4pm, and Choi JiWoo joined the Jjong party.  She said, “While acting, the thing I liked the most was the family-like atmosphere with the staff members while filming.”  She added, “Personally, I am glad that my acting ability improved a little more.”

“When I filmed ‘First Love’ with Bae YongJun, acting was difficult and uncomfortable.  However, it’s now much more comfortable.”

In a week, she had to stay up all night for 3~4 days, and her only break was when transporting to a different location, sleeping 1 hour in the car, suffering throughout the filming of the drama.  From now on, she wishes to act out a harsh woman with attitude and bad language, thinking of changing her acting style from her previous cute and innocent image.


2002.03.22 01:46:28

From now on, she wishes to act out a harsh woman with attitude and bad language--->good idea! i will wait,JiWoo!FIGHTING !


2002.03.22 01:50:45

but,now JiWoo need "휴식"---sleeping on her bed
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