'Winter Love Song' syndrome...muffler and hair is in...

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When a drama becomes a hit, it's natural that a syndrome follows...

K2TV Mini-series Winter Love Song's popularity is now outrageous.  It defeated the previously top rated STV drama 'Yuh_In_Chun_Ha'.  'Winter Love Song' syndrome is starting to take form.

Among young married couples and lovers, 'making my boyfriend in to Bae YongJun' has become a trend.  Taking their boyfriends along, they are changing the men's clothing and hairstyle, hoping they would look like Bae YongJun.  But when their boyfriends end up not looking like Bae YongJun, they get disappointed at them.

Fashion best represents the ‘Winter Love Song Syndrome’.  Muffler fashion is especially most influential.

Many viewers are posting questions in the ‘Winter Love Song’ message boards, asking how to wear mufflers like the stars in the drama.  In the drama, Bae YongJun, Choi JiWoo, and Park YongHa all wear mufflers on their neck, but each have different ways of wearing them.  In the case of Bae YongJun, coordinator Hong EunKyung(28), who worked with him since the drama ‘First Love’, invented her own style of wearing mufflers for Bae YongJun.  The cost of the mufflers go from cheap to average price, and some of the mufflers are made by twisting two cheaper mufflers together, creating a new kind of muffler as a result.

Hair fashion is also in trend.  In the drama, Choi JiWoo revealed a short hairstyle.  Reacting to this, hair salons around Lee Hwa Women’s University report that demand for Choi JiWoo hairstyle has risen 20~30%.

Bae YongJun’s hairstyle is also starting to become a trend.  Named ‘Wind Hair’, it’s dyed in several similar colors with longer ends of hair slightly raised.

Bae YongJun’s clothing fashion is also popularized.  In each episode, at least 10 outfits are prepared for Bae YongJun. (Usually about 2~3 outfits are used in mini-series)  It’s all because the director of ‘Winter Love Song’, Yun SukHo, is known for his tedious tendency towards clothing, and also since each episode takes place within many days in the drama.

Coordinator Ms. Hong says, “What Bae YongJun wears are not the most expensive brands out there.  They are mostly affordable good brands.  It all depends on how you match up the clothes.”  She also adds, “Mr. YongJun has Western body type, with long legs and built body, so usually anything looks good on him.”

While ‘Fall Fairly Tale’ (Ga_Eul_Dong_Hwa) made Bo_Khang_Phoenix Park popular, this time ‘Winter Love Song’ made Yong_Pyung_Lee Resort and Nam_Yi Island a tourist attraction.  Among the songs in ‘Winter Love Song’ OST, new singer Ryu’s ‘From the Beginning to This Day’ and ‘My Memory’ are a big hit.  And on Febuary 8, Ryu is to perform by the ski-resort where ‘Winter Love Song’ is to be filmed.
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