Happy Birthday from Ireland. :.)

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       Dear Mrs 최지우,

      My name is Batsheva and I am a singer.  I am from Paris, France, but I live in Ireland.  It is 11th. June here in Ireland but I am guessing it is already 12th. June in Korea.  Anyhow, I hope you had a fantastic birthday! I was thinking of you today, and felt all excited, about your birthday! I hope you received a lot of presents, saw your best friends and family, and had a great day!

        While I am at it, I wanted to let you know that I just LOVE your acting.  You are ONE fantastic actress.  I have only seen a few of your dramas thus far (“Temptation”, “Star’s Lover”, “Twenty Again” and “Can’t lose”).  I think you are wonderful.  You really know how to work well with your emotions, to create characters we can relate to as an audience.  I will be following your career from now on, and wishing you all the best! Oh, and also, you gave me a great love for the Korean language! Since I started watching your dramas, I have actually started learning Korean! And this is all thanks to you, so thank you ever so much for opening up my world to Korea and to Korean culture and language, I am ever so grateful! In future, maybe next year, maybe the year after, I will write to you again and, hopefully, I will write directly in Korean! Not that I am very good at that language yet, but hopefully, I will improve! I hope that in future I might come to Korea and see you in person either at a movie “meet and greet” or if you are out and about signing autographs for your fans or something! I will look forward to that meeting.  In the meantime, please know I am sending you a lot of good thoughts from Ireland, and I hope your birthday was amazing! Please keep up the good work with your acting: your fans love you!



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