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Hi, everybody~


I tell you an information.

If you want to send a present or a fan letter to Jiwoo, please send to her agent YG.

I heard some fans deposited it in a shop of Jiwoo's friend.

However, if you deposit it there, Jiwoo or Jiwoo's staff must take the trouble to go there

and  it takes a long time to receive it.


So, when you want to send a present to Jiwoo, please send to her agent directly from now on.

You can send it at Gimpo airport or Inchoen airport.


Below is the delivery address


서울시 마포구 합정동 371-26 덕양빌딩2층

YG 최지우 님


YG Entertainment  Ms.Choi Ji Woo

371-26 Duk-Yak Building 2nd Floor Hapjung-Dong, Mapo-Gu Seoul, South Korea



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2017.07.06 22:56:34

Thank you for good information !

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