Welcome Our dearest Choi Ji Woo to our city!

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Our dearest Choi Ji Woo!

The most beautiful dream is coming true... 

How can we express great happiness to greet you in November.

Our strong support to you is never changeable.

Time just only increases much more love to you since our respect for what you have done with your so beautiful devotion.

We still stand by you, admire greatly your any projects.

The deepest gratitude to your wonderful performances stays profoundly in our heart forever!

So excited about saying "We Love You!" at the airport.

If you cannot hear our sweet words, your pretty smile is always the best!

"We Love You!" .... Our dearest Choi Ji Woo!!

We have been waiting for you with Happiness in Heart.

There are many young fans preparing lovely gifts, especially Vietnamese conical hats ( nón lá), rice painting pictures of our dearest Choi Ji Woo...

You will be deeply touched if you know your beloved fans living so far from Ho Chi Minh City, but doing their best to greet your radiant smiling face by all means.

We highly appreciate your spending the precious days visiting.

Let's enjoy each moment of our beautiful present to give true love to one another!

"When True Love becomes Forever"

Ho Chi Minh City is very excited about welcoming our dearest Choi Ji Woo's visit for the first time !!!!!

See you !!!!! 

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2017.10.26 06:09:45

11월에 지우씨가 어느 도시를 방문하시는 건가요? 그냥 감사하는 표현만 있네요!


2017.10.26 13:54:19

Thank you very much for reading my message! Our City is Ho Chi Minh City, where the world folk performance festival ( Ho Chi Minh- Gyeong ju world culture expo 2017) will be held in November. We are very happy welcoming our dearest Choi Ji Woo then!!


2019.01.02 12:42:23

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