When you are happy,we are happy!

조회 수 3719 2017.11.20 13:28:20

Dearest Ji Woo, 

Even though you decided not to come to our city, your faithful fans still prepared their nice gifts for you.

These nice gifts are simple, but made from beautiful hearts.

The young obviously kept their high hope to greet you at Tan Son Nhat airport.

They had been waiting for your visit all day with all their love...

They seemed to look forward to " A Miracle To See" Choi Ji Woo...

"True love really wins difficulties"

Anyway, I strongly believe that " when you do anything that makes your warm heart happy, all your true fans are happy!"

We completely understand your busy schedules...

We completely understand your devotion to hard work...

We all love you forever and strongly support your new projects !!

" The most beautiful Good Bye in the World and Miracle to See" with Choi Ji Woo will be great Hits !!


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