Opening the first door of December~~

조회 수 26189 2001.12.01 15:49:08
Choi ji woo
How is everyone?
JiWoo greets you again.
Now there is only about a month left for this year to end.
Is everyone without regrets?  Time has flown so quickly for me as well, although
it feels like I haven’t done much of anything.
Still, despite it all, because I can meet supporters like you and Violet family, I
can maintain so much strength.  I wonder if you know this~~^o^
You know how I feel, even if I don’t say it, right?

Now I finally have a way to repay your love for me, because I got a new
There seems to be many words of concern hearing that I will enter a new work.
Did I loose that much trust from you?  Hee hee~~
But who am I?  I am the ‘transforming robot’.  My spirit won’t die so easily.
I will grind my teeth and try my best to make sure what I say doesn’t become
just words.  So, even if you are not my fan, anyone who reads this message,
please don’t hate me too much, instead, please encourage me and give me
strength.  I will become someone who puts more and more efforts in to work. ^^;;

Also, the new work will have good people.  I think a great work will be done
since it will be made with a nice director and staff members.  And my partner
will be YongJun, which will be the second time working together.  So, I think
we will be very compatible.  Please give him much love~~

Please, don’t worry too much, and do spend a meaningful and involving
last month of 2001.  I will greet you again on 2002 with a cool image,
with a more mature acting.  Until then, be careful not to catch cold.
I will pray for your days to be happy.
        Everyone, I love you~o

                                On a windy dawn

댓글 '7'

neko ,samm

2001.12.01 16:53:14

i wili support you in future ,go!!!


2001.12.01 16:54:00

do you on line now~


2001.12.01 22:22:18

ji woo, you are so unassuming !! You are the best !!! we all can see that you making your great effort! ^_^ Take care!!


2001.12.02 00:20:12

Ganbatte ne!!!

Tsz Wa

2001.12.03 03:45:48

You are the one I love you the most ! I come from Hongkong !

cheng hing yuan

2002.01.03 23:20:19

you are great, all the best to you, fan from Malaysia


2003.12.24 20:38:43

Is this really..really.. jin woo? I cannot believe it..
Anyway...have a good future in this new year...your fan from malaysia..
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