**Merry Christmas!! This is Choi, JiWoo~~**

조회 수 26879 2003.02.18 09:28:31
choi ji woo
[copied from freeboard on 02-17-2003]

It has been about 6 months since I’ve written to Starjiwoo.
I always think of coming more often, but it always takes a fair good months before I come again…
But even though I don’t say, everyone knows that my thoughts are always with you right? (Jiwoo is kissing up^^)
This winter the influenza flu was going around, I hope all of you are fine.

This year seems to have gone very busily, and quickly. Last year around this time, I was filming the drama and we didn’t even know that it was Christmas! But its already been a year~~
But whenever I was filming, it seemed colder than usual and more snow seemed to come…I almost froze up!~~hehe

This year seems to be very warm. It’s hard to see snow.
Do you call the following one of Murphy’s Laws,or something very ironic?
I don’t even have to film, and I wanted to get the feel of Christmas, but instead of snow,its raining here…!L (My poor manager, he’s happy that its raining…isn’t there someone who wants him? Tsk tsk tsk)
But I trust that everyone will be having a very Happy Christmas.

Oh!..Did everyone enjoy the movie? (Folks who haven’t seen it yet~~its not too late yet ^^ Go see it before they take it off~~)
Even if there were many things that werent perfect, and you felt that were lacking, I got my strength by people who gave it good remarks…Of course there were also harsh/negative criticism and advice,but they are all things that will help me in the future..^^
Through this film, I’ve learned so much..
Like I’ve always said, I will work hard to keep the promise that I will advance little by little in each project.
You trust Jiwoo don’t you?^^
I’ll have to work a lot starting now…hehe

And, I was very awed and was very deeply moved by all the support and love everyone gave me..
Awaiting the movie release, I was excited and nervous, and every word everyone gave me was a huge huge support for me.
People who came for me from other parts of Korea, far away from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, everyone thank you so much….I wont ever forget your thoughts and support..

There isn’t a lot left of the year 2002, and I hope everyone will end it with no regrets… and they say that the weather will become very cold soon…watch out for the flu, and once again…Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone will be filled with happiness~~!^^

4:30 AM
Awaiting Christmas…
" " * " "
"* * *"
"* * * *"
"* * * * * *"
" "* * * * * * *" "
" ㅛㅛㅛㅛ " Merry Christmas!~~~

댓글 '22'

ji young

2003.03.25 20:09:06

hi ji woo


2003.09.25 17:40:19

i'm new here, just signed in minutes ago. i'm still wondering if it's really ji woo.....u know, everybody can write in the web, using a false identity.....it's very hard to believe though....i felt so far from ji woo....but here....it's like so near where it's completely unbelievable and where we can almost communicate.....anyway, only if it's really ji woo......hehe.....btw, if it's really ji woo....can't imagine that her english is that good....u know, those stereotypes on korean......did u guys watched amazing race 4? those who watched knows what i'm talking about......cheers....


2003.09.29 20:10:17

Dear Jiwoo:
I was just reading your letter .I think you must be a very kind girl .I love you even more.How I miss you and want to see you!
but I can not do anything but for studying in college .Missing you everyday.happy everyday!


2003.12.03 23:41:10

woah..is this really jiwoo ? merry christmas first of all to everyone..and woah..i'm so amazed by your english..i'm actually picking up korean now..ever since i watched winter sonata..haha..hoping to go korean one day to see u and BYJ ! -swoon- really like him alot..haha..but anyhow..take care all and god bless..^____^

사람^ ^

2004.01.21 18:32:29


2004.02.05 17:36:42

happy new year!


2004.02.05 17:38:50

same as fudaqian!


2004.02.06 23:04:09


2004.02.12 01:41:23

I'm a little dissapointed... I don't know whether it is true or not.
But of cource I still love your acting and your beautiful face. I will continue to be your fan and support you.


2004.02.24 23:24:03

You're so simply that whatever you do make us crazy

Sang Woo

2004.03.03 08:31:42

u guys are gay no offense


2004.03.03 08:33:32

jk im not Sang Woo nd jk about being gay but u guys im in love w/ Kwon Sang Woo
nd if anyone noes da code 4 the theme song in the drama "Stairways to Heaven" tell me please!!!


2004.03.13 12:19:28

hi Ilove you ages but now I find your web Iwish Icould be ji woo's fan Ilove you forever
crazy fan


2004.03.23 14:37:55

hi! how r you now? hope 2 see you again in another drama. hope you could write me 2, i love you coz i want 2 be your friend. this is my email ollyze1129@yahoo.com

Jake (찬희)

2004.05.03 14:53:28

Charlie Sohn, i don't know why you decided to do this, but i don't think your joke is funny at all. Ji-woo does post her message in this board... Ji-woo's fans translate her message into English on the board, hence the message is in reply form of her original Korean message... i actually did many of her message translation myself... please disregard Charlie... I'm sorry i noticed this just now.... i'll ask the webmaster to delete the comment or ban Charlie Sohn from this board...

Mr.,Pyi Phyo Aung

2004.08.18 21:26:17

Han Sung building ,88, 삼상 동 kangnam 구, 서울-korean(135-090) 는 지우의 주소 맞아요.
그 주소가 틀리면 정확한 주소를 저한테 빨리 보내 주세요.
저 지우랑 직접 연락하고 싶어요.
그리고 Ji Woo 가 서명한 사진도 한 장 보내 주세요.
제 가 보낸 편지도 다 받아요.
다 받는지 안 받는지 답장을 보내세요.
지우가 바쁘고 있는 줄은 제가 알아요.
그렇지 만 지우의 편지한 장 과 사진 한 장이 저 에게 힘이 되어서 보내 주시기 바랍니다.


2004.08.21 15:51:54

처음 뵙겠습니다. 겨울의 소나타를 봐 당신의 팬이 되었습니다. 화면으로부터밖에 전해지지 않습니다만, 멋져요. 꼭 한 번 보고 싶네요.
매일꿈에 나옵니다.
문장, 이상하다면 미안해요. 지금 공부중입니다. 그러면.


2004.09.09 11:12:17

hello there ji woo....i love your movies....your so pretty too...i wish i was as pretty as u r....well keep up the sweet pretty gurl and keep up the great work...


2004.10.12 15:42:15

Hi, JW
I'm from Singapore & a great fan of you. Love watching your dramas & movies. Hope to see more of your show in the coming years and best wishes to you always!


2005.01.22 23:05:25

Hi,choi ji woo
i love u movies~and u~
The best wishes with u~


2006.09.12 19:54:17

Hi, Ji Woo
I'm from Indonesia. On July 2006, I sent a letter for you, hope you'll answer my letter.Love you forever (hewikratna@yahoo.com)


2006.10.13 12:36:08

知道Ji Woo的个人邮箱吗???我发到哪里她能够看到呢???
Excuse me ,who can tell me her e-mail,please?
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