JiWoo and Starjiwoo text interview 1

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Part 1

******* Actress Choi, Ji Woo *******

1.Through A Winter Love Story (Kyuoolyungah), did you earn anything, such as acting skills or human relationships?

I would first like to thank the staff and actors of ‘A Winter Love Story’ for all of the trouble they went through in the cold winter weather. Acting seems very hard, and it asks for a lot of effort from me. Saying how ‘I’ act with my own mouth seems a bit ..awkward ...I would say what the fans say about my acting is how my overall acting is... For human relationships... like any filming session, I always try to film the “film” with a happy and positive mind. Getting to know new people isn’t an easy thing to do…I just thank God for letting me know and meet new people through work and letting me be remembered by them with a good impression.

2.        Through ‘A Winter Love Story’ you said you’d leave the normal ‘Choi Ji Woo’ impression but after the 1st and 2nd acts(shows), you turned back to the ‘old’ Choi Ji Woo image...what do you think about that?

To tell the truth...I was particularly upset about that issue…our screenwriters were very busy once we got into shooting the drama...and I hoped that the personality of “Yoojin” from the 1st and 2nd acts would come up again...But if you think of it as a heart breaking mellow drama, you can’t really do anything...The movie I’m filming right now, “A Piano playing President”, I trust will be able to change my image a bit…It’s probably going to open in October or November, so even if it’s a bit far into the year…I hope you will anticipate the movie...

3.        When you’re acting, and get absorbed into that character, and if you really act with the same feelings that character has, such as love, how long does it take you to get over those feelings after the drama is over?

I really get into the character when I act...and I don’t easily do two things at once...But once the drama is over, those feelings don’t stay with me...When filming a drama, we have to quickly film the week’s filming portion, and besides when filming, I don’t really have the time to think about it... when filming a drama, all I usually think about is how much I could sleep during the time shooting it...when we film for 3 days straight without sleeping, finally get to rest for one day, I can say that I sleep throughout the whole day...

4.        If you really love the storyline (scenario) but the actor that is going to be your partner is someone you don’t really like...what would you do?

Overall, if I were comfortable acting with the other actor, wouldn’t they also be comfortable acting with me? If I acted with awkwardness, I don’t think that piece of work would be able to show its good storyline, and it would also be impolite and rude for the other actor as well if I was awkward...I think I’m very lucky...I acted with wonderful and splendid partners...I thank God for that too...
The cast is chosen with deep consideration by the director, so I think we should follow it..

5.        For an actor, how much do you think that their talent of being born with ‘it’ takes part in its overall grade? Do you think you’re the type that’s born with the talent, or the type that gets better as they work harder and harder?

I never thought I became an actor because I was better than others or because of my “talents”. I think I’m the type that works hard and eventually gets better...Of course in the showbiz, there are many people who have a lot of talent and potential...There are people who get loved by the fans because of their talent being released, but there are some who get unlucky even if they do have a lot of talent...I’m just hoping to work hard silently and be remembered as a good actor...

6.        As an actor, where do you think the place you have to reach is? Or in other words, the “Top” for you as an actor?

If there is a “Top” and when one reaches it, I think it means that you’ll have to come down someday as well. If I have my fans that love me, I don’t believe that I have to reach the top, or that there really is a top...  just would like to thank the fans that love me...
7.        You are planning to produce a movie...what does your place seem like as a Movie Star?

If you asked people around you right now and asked them: What do people around you think of you in a place as a “so-and-so” seem like? Would they be able to answer easily? (Of course if it was a friend or something they would be able to answer in a jokingly way) I think a better thing to say then “ I’m a person currently at this “place” in the movie business or anything else” , would be “ I have a lot of people who care for me and love me.”^^

8.        What do you base your choices on what movie you’re going to do?
(I.E. Scenario, Company, Partner...etc...And if you had to order them from the least important to greatest?)

        When you choose a movie, everything is considered...I can’t order them from least to greatest, and in the question, you forgot the director ^^. For any movie, I always think about the character in the movie that I will have to become, and if I will be able to become that character...and I also think that if I do a certain movie, I might make it look awkward...When I start to produce any piece of work, I feel excited like everyone else  ^^. When becoming a new “character”, I think about what the people would feel about my new character and what the fans that care for me would think of my new character too...

9.        Do you have a particular reason for not doing two things (movies, pieces of work) at once?

Ending a piece of work successfully is a hard assignment...I have to study the character, and I have to concentrate and ‘get into’ the movie/drama I’m doing. When I devote myself into a piece of work, I use up a lot of my energy, and in the end when its done, there’s a lot of dissatisfaction from myself and I think “Oh I could’ve done that better..”Above all things, becoming a character takes a lot of work...and I also want to leave a good piece of work that will stay in everyone’s minds for a long time...

10.        27.... assuredly not the youngest age.... your future plans on acting?

I’ll just keep working hard, diligently and enthusiastically ^^

11.        When you’re shooting a scene where you get slapped or hit, do you kind of feel a small bit of dislikeness, or since it’s just acting, do you just get over it fast?

I’ve hit people before and I’ve been hit too...but getting hit is just more comfortable~~the one who has to hit feels sorry and bad but when you get hit too hard, you do feel a teensy bit of “disliking” of that person ^^.

12.        “What kind of character would you like to portray?” When someone asks that question, you always answer as a “Street” girl. Do you really want to portray a character like that, or is it because of the pressure to have an image change?

Becoming a character that is different from me is what’s particularly on my mind the most...I don’t know why but I feel like I want to become a character like that and have a part that is “strong”.... Throughout my acting career I’ve mostly done a lot of tender and soft characters. If there is a different character, I’ll have to try hard to become it…but becoming a character that’s very different from me in and changing in 1 day doesn’t seem like something I could do...

13.        How much percent are you happy with your life as a celebrity?

I’m pretty much happy with my life...I always try to be happy and work happily and enjoy it...and I’m very thankful for all the people that remember me and love me.^^
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