Before leaving.. JiWoo & manager..

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From JiWoo and JiWoo's manager Mr. Kim

It’s JiWoo and hehe..Dragon (ID of JiWoo's manager)..
We’ll be careful and come back safely with no problem..
Everyone be careful not to catch any cold…
I am grateful for all the support and cheers..
I, JiWoo, will be back after doing it splendidly..
You thought I would leave without any parting message^^
When back from there, I’ll write again about the incidents there..
Star JiWoo members, don’t worry too much...
I won’t have much time when I’m back, because I have to prepare for a movie, but I think being busy is a good thing..  I wish to show a JiWoo who advances step by step..
The movie(filming) will likely start early May..
When I’m back, I have to embrace a concept and change, doing this and that, being deeply involved in filming the movie..
“President Who Plays the Piano” has been chosen and will partner with Mr. Ahn SungKi..
This will be the 3rd work with Mr. Ahn SungKi..
He’s a person who makes the opposite actor feel very comfortable..
I’ll greet you with good acting through the silver screen..
I’ll be back safely..
Oh, this is Dragon..
I’ll follow around JiWoo well, attached to her side..(so that she doesn’t become a missing child in Australia..--;;)
Be healthy..JiWoo and Dragon^^

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