VOD- Jiwoo in Heneda 18.9.2004

조회 수 8918 2004.09.21 04:38:09
This vod and photos are supplied by Jiwoo Japanese fans.  감사하니다.


Photo of Jiwoo in Heneda 16.9.2004

Photo of Jiwoo in Heneda 18.9.2004

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nakamura chieko

2004.09.21 07:45:03



2004.09.21 08:34:47

Thank you for inserting beutiful Ms.Jiwoo in Haneda!!
I like her straight hair.

Have a good week.


2004.09.21 08:45:11

Dear nakamura and saya,
Thank you nakamura for the translations and saya who did the translations during my trip in japan. The vcds of 101 is now availale in China and I am going to have a busy week with the new drama of Jiwoo.
Have a nice week .


2004.09.21 12:58:14

Dear kk
Thank you so much for putting video in Haneda of 18th.
It is very nice of you and so cool. Good job! I am so glad
and I love it so much!
Please look at the other images from last night’s TV show.
She is so beautiful as usual. Please check Yahoo again.
Thanks again!!


2004.09.21 13:19:04

Dear Marie,

Thank you so much for your vod. I am now able to transfer the vod you gave to me yesterday. I will put this up this afternoon and jiwoo looks so elegant during the interview. Is that only 53 seconds for the interview since I am unable to open the second and third files.


2004.09.21 15:49:22

tks kk for providing the latest clips on Ji Woo movements


2004.09.21 18:05:27

Dear kk
Thank you very much for your picture and vod.
I couldn't go to see Jiwoo in Haneda so I'm happy to watch vod.
She is very beautiful and smiley. I hope this trip is good for her.
And you too. Finally, I'm looking forward to seeing you next time.
Have a nice week!! See you.


2004.09.22 00:30:05

Hello, KK way I could meet you and it was deep emotion the other day. Thank you for having various, in addition a talk & photograph shown. VOD in an airport, a photograph, thank you. Was it deep emotion at Princess JIU's dear figure? Moreover, may it can meet KK way next time!


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