The renewal of Starjiwoo

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This is Starjiwoo.


Starjiwoo H.P renewed.

Do you like a new homepage!?^^


First of all, I'm glad to greet with everyone on schedule

because the work of homepage renewal run well.


This homepage finished 80% work and opened.

We worked to upgrade a technical program

that is the purpose of our homepage renewal our concentration.

However, we designed it with all our heart, too.

I regret that our designer and we haven't made perfect design,

because there are not a lot of her pics which can use on a new homepage.

If I get new pics, we will upgrade it.


As the final work, we must correct the size of pics

on the gallery page by hand work.


I think it's inconvenient for various things

until you become accustomed to a new system different from before board.

If you have a problem, please contact our staff by email and memo.


So, we will correct it.

Then, Starjiwoo of a neat design...

an immature homepage yet...

But, shall we start~!?



This is a way to signin. 





This is writing form.





If you want to post your message without signup,you can see the program as this pic.

Please select a image of the question.

This is the measures against spam.





Finally, this is a way to signup.






2. basicinfo.jpg


2010.11.08 11:18:26

We are very appreciated what all the staffs have done for our lovely Ji Woo!!!

We do like this new homepage....

Thank you so much!!!


2011.02.01 14:08:11

I'd like to thank you for the staff who run this site for our sweet Ji Woo and for all fans.

This site is very attractive just like StarJi Woo.

Again thanks for your huge effort and passion !!!

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