fan in NY

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alisah ahn
Hi Miss Jiwoo,  ^_^

My name is Alisha.  I'm a Korean-American (gyopo) girl about your age living and working  (in  bank- so boring!!) in NY city.  Although I was born in the States, I enjoy watching korean videos with my friends and family.  I really enjoy your naturaly style acting.  It's strange that people would comment about your pronunciation.  You were great in Gyu-Eul Yun Ga!!  

You're a moving actress and I look forward to seeing you perform in many more dramas!!  Please don't choose to act just in movies.  You have many fans who appreciate your dramas!!  

I read an article saying that you're studying English at Hanyang University.  If you want someone to write emails to in English (to practice English), you can write me at
I hope to correspond with you and share what it's like living in the States as a Korean and to hopefully tell you more about your fan base in the States.

Take care!!

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