joanne Cheang

dear Jiwoo,

i want to purchase all your drama and movies that  you have acted in it.  I do not know where i can get it. Some of your older movies are not distributing anymore that's what the wedsite say.  So i am writting to you to see how you can help me? I will purchase it using credit card if you send direct from korea. I'm a malaysian.  I love you alot.. you are so pretty, sweet and you look very pure type of person.  You are also a very good actress...

Keep up the good job.  

Hope to hear from you soon.. i'm eager to watch anything that you acted in.  I really like you so much.  

I also find that you are a very special and unique actress.  You have alot of special character and personality.  That cannot seems to be found in other actress.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Take care will always support you all the way.  Will you ever come down to Malaysia    
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