wish you a good year ahead

조회 수 3086 2003.01.02 00:20:35
hi ji woo,

this is your fan in Singapore. I hope you can have a beautiful year this year. You're gorgeous and beautiful as always. You're charming in all your serial. Though I can't tell you in person how wonderful your acting had touched me, I prayed quitely you'll always be in good health and keep horning up you acting as you move along your acting career. Your good performance is what we (your fans) are looking forward to. If by any chance you're in bad mood, do smile more and keep that smile hanging for longer, everything will be alright after a while. Like what you said in one of your letters, "time is like medicine", I believe time can heal unhapiness if one does not dwell on it too long! Ji Woo, you have our support when you feel down, keep up your good spirit and beautiful heart!

Rest assure you'll always have my fullest support. Though I can only understand you thru' Mandarin (Chinese version) in your serial, I believe you sound wonderful in Korean as you are in real person. I believe our (your fans) care about you will shield you from unnecessary rumours and give you protection from unscrupulous people who try to hurt you with something not true!

I'll always be that invisible shield for you to fend off bad rumour.

Take good care as you always advise, and be happy.

Happy new year 2003 to you and your family.

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