Understanding Korea

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Dear JiWoo,

After being a fan to WLS for almost two months, my passion grew beyond WLS for Korea. I now look more into Korea. I started my journey with all your dramas and BYJ dramas I could find in the stores. Gradually now, I start to thirst for Korean movies even though not lead by you or BYJ. I believe what portrays in the dramas/ movies (especially the present time story), the society value, the family value, the practice of corporate value, etc are no different then the real happening in that particular country. I analyze all these when I watched HK dramas, Japanese dramas, Korean dramas, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and Taiwan dramas. Unfortunately, I felt in love with Korean. Is this a good news or bad, only times and discoveries can reveal to me.

I am keen to know more about Korean language, Korean history, Korean culture, Korean food, etc. Why? I trust my own intuition, I like the family value that still intake. Of course there will be an ugly side in everything but only through ups and downs that keep the heart wanting for more. I use to have some prejudices towards Korea when I found out that dog meat was a popular menu in the restaurants. *I am a life member of SPCA*  I guess being prejudice without knowing the in depth value of Korea is not right either. So I pursue my curiosity.

I want to share this with you and your fans, is because you and BYJ has achieve something through WLS, that’s to open up a new heart for Korea. I believe I am not the only one. Is you and BYJ compatibility that strikes my corner eye as I walked through a VCD store last December 2002. * I  only visited English corners* Is you and BYJ that kept me surfing the net for something about Korea everyday. Wow,…I don’t how far I can pursue this discovery journey as I now start from zero. Pray for me!

Looking forward to your new dramas and movies.

May your heart be near at God always! Take care..

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