Hi! Everyone~! I'm Korean Girl Fan~

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Hi~ Everyone~!

I living in Korea, am the fan of Ji Woo. I can't English well. But to understand~ .

Probably everybodys " The winter song " watched will try there to be a fun.
When this first of this starting, it was a last year winter. The work which very the PD who is famous makes, public information in former times plentifully. When the last year winter year is televising, the head style and the muffler of the BYJ and the Ji-Woo popularity are good very, the Koreans who are many did.

I think that the Ji-Woo and the YJ match very well~. When and two gets married.
전 지우언니와 용준오빠가 매우 잘 어울린다고 생각해요~. 그리고 둘이 결혼했으면 좋겠다고 생각하죠~~ ㅋㅋㅋ.

At 1995 years they performed together from drama " first love ". From that time I thought that two matches well,
그들은 1995년에 "첫사랑"에 함께 출연했었구요~  그때 부터 전 두분이 잘어울린다고 생각했죠~

But that time two was not intimate.
그런데 그 당시에는 두분께서는 별로 안친하셨어요~

But now two is very intimate.  
하지만 지금은 두분이서 매우 친하시죠~~ㅋㄷㅋㄷ

Welcome to Korea~~!

마지막으로! 지우언니 행복하세요~~~~
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