Dear Ji Woo,

I just visited to your website and I have not join the site since I don't know Korean language.  But I have watched some of your movies that were translated in Mandarin(Chinese), these two dramas are the one that I like best --- 신귀공자, &겨울연가.  Your acting skills are improved "soooo" much, and I am wondering if you need any "eye-drop" on any of the scene because I see you cry almost every moment in the dramas.  I have heard that you were staying in San Francisco learning English in August 2003, unfortunately, I miss the opportunity to meet with you and take you a tour to San Francisco and to the Bay Area.  I hope that you will come to US again soon, so I can tell you some good restaurants for seafood and steaks in SF.  Take care and I hope to talk to you soon.  BTW, I like your look with long hair more in drama "Mr. Duke" than in drama "Winter Love Song".

May from San Jose, US

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Tan Li Li

2003.08.31 22:21:08

Hi May,

If you have seen the NG scenes of Winter Sonata then you will realise that all crying scenes are real without any eyedrops.


2003.08.31 23:04:18

Dear May,

Mr. Duke is my favourite JW's drama. I like yujin in Winter Sonata as well. Oh. In fact I like all JW dramas and movies. She is so charming and lovely.

Jennifer O

2003.08.31 23:21:17

Dear May,
Jiwoo is a great actress. You will love her more as you get to know her : Pretty, Adorable, Versatile, Cheerful, Cute, Sophisticated, Graceful, Classic, Honest, Pure, Sincere, etc... and she is kind-hearted. I like all her dramas, my best one being "WInter Sonata". Cheers~~


2003.09.01 11:00:46

Hi May, I think Jennifer has already said them all. What a unbeatable nice girl.


2003.09.01 14:28:02

You live in the Bay Area? Nice to meet you, I'm from should've took her for a ride ^^ since you live near her. A bunch of school mates in my school come from the Bay Area...


2003.09.02 13:23:20

Yup our Ji Woo is an excellent actress. She is able to move her audience and cause them to feel the same emotions as she has expressed in her drama. Professionally and Personally she scores 100 marks in my books ! What a wonderful lady !


2003.09.02 14:57:51


My present score is 101. Yeh, looking forward to see this drama from our princess.


2003.09.03 12:21:11

Dear all,
You have expressed very clearly everything that I feel in my heart about our princess Jiwoo. Yeah, really looking forward to see her again after 'The Romantic President'


2003.09.06 11:31:59

Actually...I like both...long hair and short...but not too long thoo ^0^
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