Hi! Merry Christmas

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Dear Jiwoo and everyone,
     Hi, I hope you are having a wonderful day. This is my first time writing here and I'm really happy. I'm writing because last week, I started to watch the "Winter Song" in Japan(It's on air for the second
time). Everybody is talking about it, there are magazines and novelised
books and guide books on it. The network which is airing the drama is
receving mails, letters etc from different range age groups.
     Jiwoo has made a deep impression on me and  I just can't seem to find the right word to describe it well but to say "Thank you". I hope to see more of Jiwoo's dramas and movies in Japan.
     I wish all a Merry Christmas and hope that the coming year will be a
great one.

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2003.12.27 16:32:20

Hello Eri and folks,
I , too, am one of them which fell in love with Winter Sonata and Jo-Woo .

I am a film critic who works for Japanese magazine. and a big fan of Korean Film since Christmas in August, then loved Peppermint Candy, On the Ocassion of remember in the turning gate,My Sassy Girl, Musa, Happyend , Oasis. My favorit actress: Jeon To-Yeon, Jeon Ji-Hyeon . Especially ,Choi Jo-Woo . I was impressed with the mood for fisrt love in Winter Sonata and her irresitible teardrops acting.
I look forward to Stairs to Heaven.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
sorry bad English.
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