Happy Birthday Dear Princess Ji Woo. Love from Australia.

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May God bless you with abundant joy, peace, love and surround by your loved ones on your birthday and years ahead, huge success in all works you do, always beautiful, lovely and cheerful.

I just wanted to let you know you are my favourite actress and will be your most loyal fan.

Although, I got to know you from the Winter Sonata drama statute with Bae Yong Joon in Nami Island this year. I realised that all my friends they had watched that drama many time and they all liked it. 

You would never know how much influence you had on me since I know you. 

Since then, I have watched Winter Sonata (had watched over twice already, lots of tears shed watching it, but I never sick of it), Winter Sonata Anime, Twenty Again, Temptation, Can't Lose, Star's Lover, Air City, Stairway to Heaven, Like for Likes, City Lovers, The Actresses, The Romantic President, Mr Duke, & etc. 

Temptation is one of my favourite drama, showers with beautiful fashion, hairstyles, jewellery, watches, plays cool, put on poker face,..

You are a great actress with great charisma and hilarious. On top of "melodrama queen".

I spent about 2 weeks in SK. It was my first visit. I have great fear when I visited SK as I do not know a single word of Korean language. However, I have fallen in love with Korean culture, people, food and magnificent scenery. What a great nation! I also enjoy jimjilbang. Although, I enjoy eating Korean food even before I visited South Korea (SK). Kimchi, the superfood has since become part of my daily intake.  

I am starting to learn basic Korean Hangul. It is still at the beginning stage but I am confident, it will be much better when I visit South Korea again in December this year.  I will be able to walk in to a restaurant without hesitate.

Most importantly, you are a great role model to follow and to support you!

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2017.06.11 21:50:46

지우님 생일축하드려요

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