Letter To JiWoo

조회 수 7560 2003.04.05 23:16:54
Dear Jiwoo:
         This is my fifth or sixth letter to U.(Keep health).
         I just crazy about Korean TV series. I`ve got lots of books, vcds, dvds.But the centre of them R U. I love<Beautiful Days> <the winter love story> <MR. Duke> <First love> <first kiss>and so on. I just think U R the angel of this word.
          And I`ve a question:What species of dog do U raise at home?
          I feel baffle and unfree these days.for my unchangeable life style and the pressure of my study.
          I beg U to give me some words to encourage me. I deeply need your help.
          And for any Jiwwo`s fans which can write chinese,we can interflow the imformation of Jiwoo or we can talk about ourselves. Welcome write to me!
          My mail is:whitebluecjw@yahoo.com.cn

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2008.08.17 02:06:59

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