Just some feelings to share with JI WOO

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Hello, Ji Woo!

I am Tomety, a Chinese boy, and I like you very much! For my first time to know you is by your TV drama program "Stairway To Heaven". That time, I was just a little boy, and I didn't know what was real love and what was the meaning of love. But I could feel, actually, I knew that I didn't hate you and your cry could make me very sad, but I didn't know why. Then, I found that it was because of you, exactly you! When you cried sadly, even though I knew you were just a role in the TV, I felt like that you were crying, but not the role. So I always felt hurt in my heart, and I wanta know who made the pretty girl cry. As I grow up, till now, I know much more about you. I always talk with my South Korean friends about you. Today, actually, we talk a lot about you. They all know you, and they say you are very famous in South Korean. I am very happy when I hear the news, and I tell them that you are my godness, you are the most beautiful girl in my heart, and nobody can replace you. And then, my friend Jacky says that nearly every Korean has their own favorite actresses, but not everyone just like one actress. I ask him why! He tells me that your country has many many beautiful actresses, so .... I feel so sorry to him, but I have made a very good preparation. I have watched many Korean TV drama programs, and I know many beautiful Korean actresses, such as NAM Sang-mi, Nam Gyu Ri and so on. I also like their TVs, but sometimes I feel boring. Only you, and your TVs can make me always excited. So I know, actually, I like you so much that I can never feel boring to you and your TVs. The reason above I also tell my friends, and they feel it's amazing. But I say, that I can not be cheated by my own feelings, the feelings from not only one day or one month, but nearly ten years! Of course, my Jacky is really a strong-headed boy, and he can't understand me immediately. He asks me that why I like you so much. First I feel nervous as I can't come up with the reason, maybe your beautiful face, maybe your different character. But at last, I realize that actually, love is not based on some exact facts, it is just a feeling that you can't see it, and you can only use your heart and time to feel it. The ten years' feeling has given me the answer, right? So then, we talk about love for a long time ...... At last, my friend Christine makes a joke on me. She says that Ji Woo is a little old for me, and Ji Woo will not like me. I know she is just playing a joke, but I also know it's the truth. I never beg for Ji Woo's love, but when I hear that, I feel really sad. But of course, I have got the real meaning of love. Love is one thing that makes you always want your lover to be happy, to live in a good condition. So just Ji Woo can be happy is enough for me. No matter what happen to me, I want Ji Woo to be happy, it has been enough for me. So I wish Ji Woo can find your true lover as soon as possible and you can be happy all the time, and you are always healthy, and ...... To change a topic, I wanta share my opinions about your TVs with you. I think "Stairway To Heaven", "Winter Sonata", "지고는못살아", and "Air City" are my favorite TVs of yours. So I beg my best Ji Woo to show us more TVs like them, and I will appreciate for it.

    I am sorry that I have talked so much, finally, one thing only, wish my best Ji Woo happy all the time. No matter what happen to you, I will stand on your side. So if you meet some troubles, if you like, you can talk with me. Remember, Ji Woo, my ears are always ready for you!

    Have a good day!


your best Tomety!

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