Now I Remember

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Dear Ji Woo Unni,

In relation to my #Throwbackthursday post about a week ago,

I remember now that I have one photo of you. Not in person of course. 

This was about as close as I could get to taking this photo.

It was raining hard and there were too many tourists last autumn

when I went to Nami Island. Despite the bad weather, I still

pushed through with my trip over there because I didn't want

to go home without ever visiting one of the most memorable shooting locations

of Winter Sonata. 

The next day, I went to Lotte World and took photos of the Carousel from

Stairways to Heaven.

I enjoyed my stay in Korea. It was such a friendly and safe place,

and getting lost has never been an issue even for a first time visitor

like me. Well, actually, I did get lost and sometimes got off at the wrong

station, but, it's part of travelling and discovering new things and places

that you would normally not discover had you not gotten lost.

I will be back this autumn. Hopefully, I could get the chance to meet you during a fan meeting and Starjiwoo activity where I could join. 

Have a great day Unni! 

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