Happy Birthday~

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Good morning and happy birthday ji woo unnie~

Keep healthy and pretty as always. I hope you live your life more more more more happier than before and you can find someone you can fall in love with. After all, I'm happy if you are happy~^^
Long life for you and all of your family members. I hope you can go back to drama or any kind of show soon so I can see you again. Especially, I'd like to see you again in Running Man, kkkk you were way to cute there.

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mildred angeles

2016.06.11 12:36:34

Happy Happy Happy 41th BirthdayMy IDOL CHOI JI WOO 최지우


2016.06.11 17:05:06

happy happy birthday choi ji woo. our hime this is your big day hope you will never change stay humble. and keep helping other people and keep inspiring people like me.. no words can express how happy i am to seen you on tv.. since your first melodrama stairway to heaven aired in philippiines i was so starstruck on you.. since then i was a fan of yours.. until temptation was airing  i dont want to missed it every night.. i love you miss ji woo.. hope you can read this. and i hope that i can see you in person.. happy birthday princess choi ji woo.. we love you so much. 

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