My love

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Dear Jiwoo
    I am from China. I am 19 years old.I am a policewoman and a doctor .My best
friend died of cancer .So I want to become a doctor. Now I had successed.In my
heart you are my forever love and friend .I hope you could be happy.I am going to
Korea to call at your hometown in the  futher!I love you!


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2008.03.01 12:09:05

Ji Woo, it's my life dream to go to South Korea to see you personally because you're my most favorite actress. I'm from California, USA. You touched my heart because of your great acting especially in Stairway to Heaven, Winter Sonata, Beautiful Days, Now & Forever & Air City. I could not get hold of some of your other dramas, so I have not seen all of them yet. I'm looking forward in you next project. I just hope that you & Kwon Sang Woo get together again in another project. You & KSW are the best drama couple. God bless you always. Live a happy & long life.
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