Do You Miss Greece?

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Dear Ji Woo Unni!

How are you? Is the magic of Greece still with you till now? ^^

Whenever I leave a place, the memories will linger long in my heart, especially its architecture, people, culture and food...well, especially the food as I really love eating as long as it's not too exotic! While you were there, did you encounter anyone or anything which is interesting? If yes, would it be shown in the travelogue?

Greece has always fascinated me because of its legends and, the beautiful Aegan seas, blue waters against white buildings...the houses at Santorini looked so beautiful! OMG, and the sunsets/sunrise must be incredible! Out of curiosity, do they have clear night skies where stars are scattered brilliantly across? One of these days, I'll definitely travel there, if only to see the brilliant sun against the sparkling seas!

Working on this project should be a challenging experience - yes? It's so different from movie/drama - I mean, there's no script to follow and anything could just happen along the way! Oh, and I really enjoyed your concentrated look while you were holding that little booklet (tourist map?). I could almost see those ?? marks working overtime while you figure out the next direction to take. A lot of people have said you are me.. at that moment, you're the most beautiful ^^ (plus sexy!!)

One of the grandpa came back a couple days earlier due to digestive problem...I hope he is fine?

Will you be joining them for a 2nd trip? (will definitely look forward to that if you are)

Meanwhile, thank you for coming back looking happy and healthy


Always yours

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2015.02.27 12:16:28


She is the mostest of the most beautiful .. The sexiest of all time goddess.. 

BTW where did you find out about the sick grandpa who had to cut his trip short? Hope he is alright.

Anyways... Have a good day!!


2015.02.28 01:28:22

Hiya BB!

It was mentioned in one of the news articles that reported their return from Greece. Exactly from which source, can't remember ><, sorry! I do hope the grandpa is recovering well --

Sexiest of all time goddess? I agree with you both hands and feet up ^^

I'm a late bloomer where Ji Woo Unni is concerned...I was attracted to her by accident...not via WS or even fact, I came across her 4mins video in Swaziland last year and that spark my curiosity on her. The rest is history :)

In fact, she's the first artiste that I'm really following...I feel like a teenager right now! Hahaha...and also, starjiwoo site is really quite an interesting place to visit!

Bottoms up, BB - cheers to our beautiful Ji Woo sshi ^^


2015.02.28 02:30:51


Thanx for the info on grandpa. Pray for his recovery too. 

Like u, I wasn't attracted to Ji Woo via WS or STH. I fell for her when she was Yoo Se Yong in Temptation. I find her character very interesting and she portrayed it in such a way that I can't help but fell totally in love with her, her character and her talent. And of course the rest is history.  And she is also the only celeb that I religiously follow. Although I like a few actors/actresses but none like her. Since I discovered her, she is the number ONE on my list and will be for the longest time.. Ah ! ... I just love her !!

Cheers !!


2015.02.28 03:10:11


Indeed, she's difficult not to like ^^. After that Swaziland video, I came across Temptation and watched it. Se Young is one character that is pretty lovable in her own way. Makes me want to hug her whenever I feel her loneliness VV (and I'm not one who like to hug anyone; but there's just something about her that warms me ^^) 

Haha.. in fact when WS first aired in our country, I was always working and saw only what? the first few eps? I think fate works in a magical when work is not as hectic compared like last time, I get to savor the stories...but my fav are Star's Lovers and temptation :) though the suspicious housekeeper is pretty close too... oh..when will Ji Woo Unni appear in a drama again?


2015.02.28 11:20:46


yes!! I forgot to mention Star's Lover. She was stunningly beautiful in that drama. I wanted to give her a hug every time she cried. I just love her there. 

I read from some blog that she only does one drama a year so hopefully she will this year too. If no drama then variety shows will do too as long as we get to see her on screen.


2015.02.28 22:28:00


My heart warms everytime when I think of Star's Lovers. Lee Mari is definitely a gal after my own heart. She has courage to go after her love although that Chul Soo fellow is pretty grumpy and really likes to lecture her and his defense against hurt is so strong. Everytime he did that I was laughing my head off. At certain moments I just wanna pat LM to give encouragement but at certain time I just wanna knock her hard at the head especially when she starts to 'run away' again...that includes CS!

As Ji Woo Unni usually selects her next work carefully we may or may not see another drama that soon? BUT, my antenna is telling me otherwise. Got a hunch that something's wonderful is brewing..

By the way, have you watched Rondo before? If not, do watch it! ^^



2015.02.28 22:52:12


Rondo was good too. She was super sexy there. I'm just crazy about her no matter what!! 

If your hunch said something wonderful is brewing then should I hold my breath with anticipation?? LOL !!

Cheerios to you and have a good weekend


2015.02.28 23:11:23


Have a great Sunday too! >< i'm working tomorrow....sigh...

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