Merry Christmas to you..

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Hi Jiwoo,

This is May from US, it's been a long time for me to visit to this website again due to a heavy workload in 2005.  I am happy to hear that you are widely acceptance and appreciated by people all over the world and without boundry of ages and genders,  this is a wonderful news for every of us who like and support you through times.  I heard that you will spend a couple of months in Japan for a new drama, it must be a challenging moment for you to overcome the language and cultural barrier, but I am sure you can handle it well, and in return the reward and experience you gain will be much more than you might expected.  Anyway, I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Also, please take one or two days to celebrate the Christmas,  and to well prepare for a coming New Year.  I hope to talk to you soon.


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2005.12.12 05:41:03

I LOVE YOU!~ Jiwoo.
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