I deeply appreciate your  kindness.

조회 수 9248 2010.12.23 06:42:57

Dear Jiwoo-hime,

How are you getting along?


I received your such a wonderful present last week.

Thank you very much for sending me a nice present.

It is Mr.Bae Yong Joon.

We had taken family pictures December 15th.

So we had a chance to see him closely at the first time.

Everything is wonderful. Everything charmed me.


But I feel very unsettled,don‘t you know why? Yes,I miss you very much.

Last March,you were always very gentle with us,weren‘t you?

And you say,”Be wait!a chance to come again!” didn‘t you?

At that time I didn‘t have much idea what you were trying to say.

But now, I gradually began to understand. Too late ?   ahahahaha!!

I am ashamed of having behaved so childishly.

But now, let me say,” I  love you in all of my heart”.

I just can‘t wait for you to get back to japan,and to us.

Please take good care of yourself.

May Christmas bring you joy and happiness.

And so May the New Year be a happy year for you!


                                  Yours, tomoko




Hime!! Kho  cyattuti  thi go yo uo rie !!


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