HOPE Ms.Ji Woo could read this message

조회 수 9796 2011.01.10 21:12:30

Hello,Ms.Ji Woo ! I am  one of your fans in China.And I am your new fan,because your perfect performance attract me a lot when I saw your new drama- star's lover recently.After that,I found all your old dramas to see,includes the most famous-winter sonata,beautiful days,etc.Ms.Ji Woo ,U're the first actess whom I admire sincerely! It's really!I remembered your wonderful performance by heart,whatever your smile,your sad are perfect and appropriate!I'm not a easy-excited person,but today I write to U so excited,I wanna say I like you so much! Please accept the love from a common fan of you!That would be my great pleasure to get your message if you could read this .Thank you for giving me a chance to know the culture of Korea and Korean !wait for you reply....dreamingchina@hotmail.com

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