to jiwoo's letter from nancy

조회 수 3589 2001.11.27 02:24:18
hello !
dear JiWoo:
i am nancy=shu yu come from taiwan.we have meeting on 10/27 in seoul ~ i am the you say(called) "out going girl"do you remember me?
we met in 10.27.2001 in seoul,do you remember ?
i am very thankful to you and other korean friends...
you give me a beautiful memory in my life,i'll remember that day forever.. (i swear)
in that day,we want to say thank you for your is pity that we can't say thank you by formal in time !And we want to say thank you many much do treat well for us...
After meeting with you in korea,I find that you are a very kind and nature woman,
cared everyone ,i feel that i am a lucky girl
i can talk with you face to face let me feel "dream come true"10/27 the day is my beautiful day to me.
i will  support you in future and forever
i love you more and more from that day,i hope i can see you again soon,wherever it is.
i want to tell you,"Mr.Duke" the drama in taiwan is good !(the meeting we told you on 11/15 begin in taiwan).but i think you at "beautiful days" better before drama, this is everybody say the same"JiWoo's role play in all drama the beautiful days' role play is your famous play,and this is your start your name in taiwan!!!
and the other thing is:i must to tell you that many people watch "BD","Mr.Duke"have student,worker,housewife,nurse,and so on. we feel happy listen to this. this is mean to your famous is good,good,good in taiwan. JiWoo this name already know ,no matter male and female.
ffinally,( we hope can see you again in Jan-feb 2002 or July-August 2002.but we don't know you have time can see us come from taiwan's fans?! )we wanna to visit seoul and more place in korea,we like your country. it's nice place.may you answer my questionat (),if you have time that i ask you can write e-mail to me to answer the question.thus us my e-mail
The most important thing is take care by yourself i hope you are happy and healthy everyday
then i expect your new drama!
and i hope you don't be too tired,notice your body,ok? ^_^
happy to you
                      see you
                                                                  "out going girl"=nancy=shu yu  11/27/2001
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