[re] In first day of December.....

조회 수 4272 2001.12.07 19:07:21
Sally Huang
Dear Jiwoo:
                  I'm so happy to read your letter for us. And it's really a good news
to us that you start your new drama!!!
                  I'm one of your fans in Taiwan. Do you know you are very popular
here right now??? You have many lovely fans here...of course, including me!
                 I watch your drama that you like a poor man(He is one of actors in
drama -"Hotelier") and you are a rich girl....In this drama, you're so different with
the role in the drama-"Beautiful days". But undoubtedly your performance is very
perfact. I like both of two of roles.
                 Winter is coming. I think it's very cold right now in Korea, right?! So
take care yourself...don't let all of your fans are worried about you!!!
                 At last, I wish you can come to Taiwan as soon as possible, okay?
you know...There are so many your fans here and looking forward to your
                         I love you forever~~~
                                                                  your lovely fan

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