greetings from singapore!

조회 수 3478 2001.12.10 16:53:58
hello jiwoo
dropping by to say hi from singapore.
your recent drama beautiful days was quite well-received but not as well recived as autumn  fairytale with song sueng hun and song hye gyo. BUT you have quite a number of singapore fans and there is a yahoo group on that drama. recently there has been a poll about what fans find most attractive about you.  the conclusion?- why don't you check out the yahoogroup?:)

good work on yanxiu! BUT i think you need to work on your facial expressions, and  subtle gestures. however, i enjoyed watching your performance.glad to hear that you are a fresher at hanyang uni, your interview with hanyang journal was posted on our website and are taking english and golf lessons too. keep preservering and i;m sure that in time, you will be acknowledged as more than a pretty face or 'disguised robot'.   the best actors, i think are 97%hard work and prob 3% talent. excluding geniuses of course.

All the best for your next drama. and i hope singapore will show it sometime soon.I hope you'll act in  Chinese serials or movies one day, llike Ahn Jae Wook.

Pls visit Singapore soon, maybe with Byung Hun?
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