조회 수 3504 2001.12.11 11:43:13
Dearest Jiwoo,

      I was facinated by your wonderful performing and can't help falling in love with you .......after finished watching MR.LUKE. I was inspired by that drama and drived me to pick up more about your drama and news, and to learn more about Korean culture. What can I say, ...oh! are such a graceful angel.

      Admire fans from Korea and Taiwan, coz this guys meet your frequently. I would like to thank to all Jiwoo's fans who always love and support Jiwoo, and hope our loves and supports make Jiwoo become a brilliant shining star.

      May be I am too old and too busy to become a crazy fan, but I'll be always suporting you and loving you and expecting your new drama or movie ....... till you get marry with someone else....... oh!.. NO..... I'm just kidding. I love you forever.

      I was so impressed by a part of MR.LUKE, that was your horse riding, it was elegant and splendid.

     Thousands and millions dreams of you.......

     Wish You All The Best
From someone who always aroud you.  
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