To everybody who likes Jiwoo

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Fairy Yang
    I am Fairy,I can offer some newspapers about Jiwoo to some people. Because Jiwoo had been to Taiwan to publicize the "Beautiful Days" in July this year,there were many newspapers of Taiwan to report Jiwoo.
    Now,I have some extra newspapers of the Great News(It is the entertainment Dally Newspaper in Taiwan) that I can offer to some people. These reports all about Jiwoo. So,if you have intersted or need the newspapers,you can mail your address to me.My E-mail address is:

    And, I hope you can understand my meaning really.^-^

P.S.1.The newspaper of 14.07.2001~I can offer 7 persons.
      2.The newspaper of 17.07.2001~I can offer 7 persons.

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