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luu nguyen

Dear Ms. Ji Woo!

How are you? Have nice week to you!

I nearly watched all your films and drama movies. Your characters have a strong personality and very lovely.

I like special " Air City" drama. I like your airport manager character. Very modern, talent, firm, and charming ...

An character in full of attractive!

I hope you will come back that style in the future.

Still loving you, not only you 're a star. The first, because, you are Choi Ji Woo, be yourself ... :)

Luu Nguyen, HCM City, Viet Nam.

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2012.04.28 23:24:37

Hi Luu Nguyen!

I intend to write a sincere welcome to your message on Foreigner board, but wonder why it disappeared.

Thank you so much for having the same feelings!!

You are very good at English.

It is very nice to meet you !


2012.05.13 13:53:45

Dear Choi Ji Woo, I'm from PERU, I don't know if you have visited my country or if you have heard about my country. Well, I was looking for your official website. I'm happy because I found it. I want to tell you that I am a fanatic in love with you. I love your role in ''STARWAY TO HEAVEN'' like Han Jung Soo. Well, I am nineteen and I would like that you answer my coment please. Also, I would like to know if you have an official FACEBOOK. I love you too much Ms. Ji Woo. Thank you very much!

I hope your answer, Diego

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