[re] you capture my attention!

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Hi PL ( is it  not your real name ? )
> I am new JiWoo'fan, but I thought I 'm a crazy fan. I often vistied this website ( 3 times per day ), so I saw your letter to her. We have a same idol, so I think we could make friendship. What is your idea ? I love JiWoo so much, began my family ( I live in Ha Noi, Viet Nam ) watch " Mr.Duke " in November. Since then, I started to find out anything about her ( informations, pictures and photographs ). But I couldn't find her address ( I didn't know about her website !!! ) and I resigned myself to send letter to her through other ways.
If you want to continue conversation about our loving JiWoo, pls mail me at nnhien01@ yahoo.com
Bye.Hope to see you again.
Nguyen Ngoc Hien.
>Hi Ji Woo,
>Hardly watch Japanese and Korean drama, and don't really know who are the TV stars in Japan and Korea. You are the first korean female artist that managed to capture my attention - thanks to 'Mr. Duke'! This light and easy Cinderella type drama plays an important role in capturing you in my mind. Since then, I started to find out more about korean drama especially 'your drama', and fortunetaly still manage to get a few from the market. Of course, not forgetting to surf the net for more information about you. Looking back at your acting career, you has already accomplished so much, no doubt you
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