Choi Ji Woo....~! You are my favorite actress~!

조회 수 2592 2002.10.16 04:22:40
Akira Takako
Miss Choi Ji Woo... Hello... Anyoung ha seyo~! (I think?!) I learned it while watching television... *laughs to herself*

anyway... Miss Ji Woo... i was just wondering... since that you are going to flim another movie in Hong Kong, wy not stop by in Malaysia to greet your lovable fans...~! Since Winter Sonata was aired in Malaysia last month... almost everybody was talking about the Melodrama... searching online for the cast website, ringtones and more... eheh...

well, just a hint... wondering if you could bring along the cast of Winter Sonata down as well... if they are free... i heard Bae Yong Jun is very busy with the CF that he has been doing... I'm sure everybody is busy fliming other drama'sa or movies too... well, the first time i saw your on Winter Sonata, i love the way you smile, you looked so adorable~!... Cute... like a litte girl... no wonder your nick name was rabbit... in most websites that i found out. Cute nick name...

well, hope to hear from you
Akira Takako 2002
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