Hello Jiwoo and Starjiwoo... ^_^...

조회 수 2614 2006.12.29 19:09:02
         Just come by and say hi to you... how are you jiwoo... it's been a while from last time leaving the message on this love letter board... I've heard news about you and other caring fans distribute clothing and food to those in need; it's really touching knowing thise while reading article... you and other fans have been doing this for the last few years... WOW... just to say good job and best wishes to you ^_^... your love touch people around you and your passion for making good drama attracted countless people ^O^... Ji Yo Jiwoo... Btw... Winter SOnata was nice... I've watched it tonight and it so memorable the role you played... Yu Jin... hehehe... so touching... Best wishes to you and all fans who love you. Take care, adios...

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