<re> i am neko~

조회 수 3459 2001.11.03 03:26:51
hi hyun ju
i heard that our meeting was reported in korean newspaper on 11.2.2001 ?
really??? it is surprising to me~ oh my god ~ i can't believe it ~ haha~

sammi want to visit korea for 14 days ,so we return taiwan firstly,she go to visit
with her friend who live in 釜山 in 釜山~ but she will go to seoul after some days again.<she will take airplant in seoul~>,thus,you maybe can see her in that time~
she say that she will see misss J in seoul again before she return taiwan~

as for pictures,i only have some pictures <i and jiwoo~>not pictures which is all people together~ so...i am sorry .... maybe when i have the other pictures,i send for you in that time~

i caugh a cold now ,i feel uncomfortable...
so i hope you take care yourself ,notice weather change ,then wear  more clothes~
                                        miss you in taiwan...neko 2001.11.3
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